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Our philosophy is our name;

Corrdesa => Corrosion Resistant Design (through) Environmental Stress Analysis.

We deliver software tools and knowledge to help our clients make the best material choice decisions to ensure the robustness of their products during their whole life from inception, through sustainment and to eventual disposal.

The life cycle of products continuously exposes manufacturers to financial and environmental liabilities over a very long period and Corrdesa believes that these risks should be considered and assessed as soon as possible in the design engineering work flow. Consequently, we have developed a holistic process and supporting technologies that enable this goal.

Keith Legg and Alan Rose identified a distinct lack of computational tools to help materials and process engineers in the design phase, in stark contrast to the tools available to other technical professionals such as stress analysts, aerodynamicists etc. Consequently, Corrdesa was established in 2011 to develop and transition computational, predictive corrosion technology into the engineer design work flow. 

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