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Alan Rose

Alan Photo SURFIN.jpgAlan, a Professional Engineer and elected Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (UK) has considerable technical expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). With 30 years professional engineering and project management experience Alan has a particular strength in the development and successful implementation of computational engineering simulation tools and associated Best Practices. As an Expert Witness in the UK judicial system Alan has been commissioned to manage, execute and defend robust, complex engineering analyses in support of industrial safety cases and insurance assessments.

As co-owner and CEO of Corrdesa LLC, Alan is instrumental in the growing acceptance of computational corrosion prediction in the defense and aerospace industry, leveraging his rigorous approach to engineering analysis and project management experience on numerous DemVal projects to ensure the successful execution and delivery.

Alan is the primary individual responsible for simulation of electrochemical processes, both in the manufacturing/surface finishing space as well as the corrosion prediction arena.


Prior experience

Alan introduced computational electroplating to Hill AFB and Heroux-Devtek of Canada for implementation of ZnNi plating in place of cadmium plating for landing gear, ensuring that the electroplated zinc nickel layer is uniform across large, complex shapes in thickness, chemistry and microstructure.  Resulting from Alan’s efforts, plating simulation is now included in the General Motors Global Supplier Requirements and Ford Engineering Directives for plating on plastics.

Alan Rose is the Principal Investigator(PI) on an SBIR Phase 2.5 program for ONR developing Computational Corrosion Prediction for Naval aircraft as part of the National Naval Responsibility Sea-Based Aviation (NNR SBA) program which entails extensive collaboration with a broad team of organizations including DoD labs, prime contractors, small businesses, and universities.  The work involves the development of Best Practices for electrochemical data acquisition and corrosion modeling,

Alan is responsible for writing the original code for Corrosion Djinn™, the first new software application developed for the NNR SBA team.  This software is now available online, as well as in the form of an app for both Android mobile phones and Apple iPhones and iPads.

US sales consultant representing a European Tech company, Alan successfully overcame the very significant challenge of introducing the brand new technology of electrochemical simulation to completely new clients in a new territory, resulting in a new business stream from sales of software licenses and related consultancy services;

  • High volume manufacturing issues plating on plastic. OEMs such as Ford and GM as well as tier-1 plating suppliers such as SRG Global
  • Electrochemical machining/polishing
  • Specialized platinum plating processes on turbine blades and nozzle guide vanes
  • Accelerating the implementation of new plating chemistries using simulation to reduce manufacturing risk and optimize tooling/processes. Used in ZnNi processes at Hill AFB and Co-P processes at FRCSE, Jacksonville.

Rose Consulting Engineers Ltd, UK: Expert Witness in marine and process plant safety involving risk of fire and explosion.  Extensive experience in the application of CFD techniques for free convective and forced convective heat transfer, gas dispersion, ventilation, mixing and separation. A founding member of UK panels for CFD validation and Best Practices with ERCOFTAC ( ) and NAFEMS ( ).

  • Developed engineering protocol for hydrogen dispersion safety studies guiding design of nuclear process plant and waste retrieval, supported by experimental validation.
  • Assessment of asphyxiation hazards associated with accidental release and dispersion of argon & nitrogen from fire-fighting systems.
  • Design and analysis of particulate separation systems such as cyclones and hydrocyclones – key to safe operation of chemical, Oil&Gas and pharmaceutical plant.
  • Impact of storage environment on transport of thermally unstable chemicals and spent nuclear fuel. Conjugative heat transfer in nuclear fuel flasks and ship containers.
  • Burner design, flow distribution and residence time analysis for gas and liquid waste incineration plant in support of compliance with European Waste Incineration Directive.
  • Design and analysis of contaminant isolation systems and impact on worker safety for  pharmaceutical laminar flow booths and nuclear industry glove boxes.
  • Effectiveness of cooling systems/ heat exchangers in highly exothermic chemical reactors



University of Sheffield, UK, 1989 PhD, Chemical and Process Engineering

University of Manchester, UK, 1983, BSc Hons, Aeronautical Engineering


Recent presentations/publications

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