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Keith Legg

Keith Legg.jpgKeith is known worldwide for his knowledge of coatings and surface treatments, especially replacing toxic materials currently used in aerospace and defense, primarily for corrosion control.

As co-owner and CTO of Corrdesa LLC, he is bringing computational corrosion prediction into the defense and aerospace industry.  This technology helps engineers and designers to minimize the problems that corrosion causes in complex aerospace assemblies, as well as to make better materials and coating choices to meet regulatory requirements.  His responsibilities include project management, developing the electrochemical databases for a new “Corrosion MMPDS” and for Corrosion Djinn™ computational corrosion prediction software, development of Best Practices documentation, materials analysis.

Keith is deeply involved in environmentally compliant materials and coatings for REACH, RoHS and US environmental and health rules, providing consulting assistance to government and commercial organizations who are grappling with the issues that that these rules create.  He advises commercial and defense Chromates Working Groups and has developed the Coatings Database used by Granta Design and ASM for industrial SVHC replacement.

Keith is the Technical Manager for ASETSDefense, the DoD SERDP-ESTCP-funded initiative providing information and engineering data on technologies to replace materials that pose environmental and health problems, such as hexavalent chrome materials and processes, Cd, Be and high VOC coatings.  He advises DoD and supply-chain organizations on issues related to coatings and replacement of toxic materials, organizes ASETSDefense Workshops and maintains the ASETSDefense Database of coating performance data, authorizations and implementations.

He consults with Lockheed-Martin on coatings and surface treatments for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program, serves on the F-35 Corrosion Prevention Advisory Board, is the Hexavalent Chromium Subject Matter Expert for the DoD Emerging Contaminants office, and is an advisor to the DoD REACH Working Group.


Prior experience

Keith has been involved with the development and application of coatings and surface treatments throughout his professional life. He was the Technical Manager for the Hard Chrome Alternatives Team (HCAT) and coordinator for its Canadian equivalent (C-HCAT).  This team was responsible for validating the use of High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) coatings in place of hard chrome for aircraft landing gear, hydraulics, etc., as a result of which all new program landing gear are now HVOF-coated instead of being hard chrome plated.

Keith has worked as a subcontractor to Northrop Grumman on a USAF DESP II IDIQ contract analyzing Critical Safety Items for a Critical Systems Component Analysis program for the A-10, involving Failure Mode and Effects [Criticality] Analysis (FMEA and FEMECA).


D. Phil - Physics, University of York, England, 1973

B.A. - Applied Physics, University of Lancaster, England, 1970

Recent publications, reports and invited briefings:

Keith Legg “SermeTel Performance as a Cd Alternative”, report to Lockheed-Martin F-35 JSF (2015)

Keith Legg, Ralph Alexander “Impact of European REACH Regulations on DoD and Military Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers” Version 7 to look over there a wonder why the defense.about anything about maybe they ran out of vents and the engines decided they are no, Distribution A, report to SERDP-ESTCP, OSD-AT&L, and DoD REACH Working Group (2015)

Keith Legg, John P Sauer “Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Coatings Inspections – Folsom Auxiliary Spillway, Folsom, CA”, report to US Army Corps of Engineers (2015)

Alan Rose, Keith Legg “Prediction and Mitigation of Galvanic Corrosion – F-35 LEFAS”, briefing to F-35 Corrosion Prevention Advisory Board (2015)

Keith Legg “REACH Impact on F-16”, briefing to F-16 Corrosion Prevention Advisory Board (2015)

Keith Legg “New Drivers for REACH”, SUR/FIN, briefing to National Association for Surface Finishing (2015)