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Holistic Approach to System-wide Corrosion Analysis

Corrdesa’s holistic approach to computational corrosion analysis is designed to minimize material compatibility risks.


The Corrdesa Corrosion Djinn™ app is first used to assess material interfaces on the platform. Using a corrosion current analysis (rather than galvanic potentials) Djinn helps material process engineers to identify the location and relative severity of the galvanic corrosion risks. Even at this juncture, Djinn can then be used to very quickly assess impact of material or coating changes, immediately eliminating more than half of the issues.

Further resources can then be focused on the remaining, more complex material interfaces – such as in the example below, the LEFAS (leading Edge Flap Actuation System) of the F/A-18.

F-18 LEFAS.jpgNOTE: the success of any computational method relies on the quality of the input data. Corrdesa, in conjunction with the US Navy Sea-Based Aviation team have not only developed a polarization database but have defined the protocol for acquiring and recording the data so that the modeling community can access the same quality data, ensuring consistency across the analysis community.

We use these same CAE tools to model other electrochemical processes

  •   dissolution of sacrificial coatings
  •   metal corrosion and damage
  •   hydrogen evolution
  •   electroplating and electroforming
  •   electrochemical machining