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Material Solutions

Performance ladder.jpgMoving to a chromate-free coating does not necessarily mean giving up performance.  It may even mean improving performance if you get it right, and that is what we aim for by thinking more broadly than a simple substitution.  Corrdesa specializes in coatings and surface treatment for wear, corrosion, etc.  We maintain an extensive database of materials, coatings and treatments, including modern materials and coating technologies in order to recommend the best set of options for any particular product or application. We combine our materials databases with extensive knowledge of the materials market, and what is being used by whom.

In order to recommend an optimal coating or treatment we consider everything about the product and its application as a system

  •   what the product is made from
  •   how the product is used
  •   in what environment
  •   where it is manufactured
  •   what fits with the manufacturing system

We assemble, maintain, and continually update the ASETSDefense Database of coatings and surface treatments for aerospace and defense as well as the Electrochemical Database (under development).  The ASETSDefense Database provides information and reports on a great many A&D coatings and surface treatments, especially test reports on alternatives to replace toxic coatings such as Cd, Cr6+, chromated primers, etc.. The Electrochemical Database will provide validated, high-quality polarization curves and other electrochemical data for computational corrosion prediction and analysis.

We supply all of the coating and surface treatment data for Granta’s Restricted Substances database.

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