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Dalistick 2020.jpgCorrdesa is the North American distributor for Dalistick, the unique non-drip brush plating equipment produced by Dalic in France.  This equipment is the best controlled brush plating equipment available.  Unlike traditional brush plating, the non-drip system recycles the electrolyte in a closed loop that actually allows the plating head to be used for plating above the operator without dripping onto the operator or into the aircraft.  In today’s environment, where OSHA inspectors can come in to any plant check for cadmium and chromates in break areas, bathrooms, and offices, non-drip brush plating is a way to avoid worker exposure and OSHA citations.

With the increasing emphasis on quality and traceability, the Dalistick equipment is also the only Dalistic anodizing overhead.jpgequipment in the world that provides computer control and computer logging of the process.

The Dalistick equipment is being validated by the USAF for deposition on brush LHE ZnNi in place of brush Cd for repair of Cd and ZnNi electroplates.




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