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Transitioning Client Technologies

Corrdesa assists clients with transitioning technologies into the North American market.  For example, during one of the periodic trips overseas to speak at international conferences, we discovered in France a very interesting non-drip brush plating technology developed by the French company Dalic (Dalistick in the US).

Dalistick 2020.jpg

We immediately recognized that this technology filled an important niche in the US, especially for aircraft repair in the Aerospace and Defense market.  Unlike the current technology, which drips toxic solutions onto technicians, the aircraft, and the shop floor, this technology recycles the plating solutions in such a way that the technician can even brush plate overhead without liquids dripping onto him,  this is an ideal solution for military depots and MRO shops where dripped solutions containing cadmium or hexavalent chromium often result in very expensive OSHA citations.

Corrdesa is now engaged in a NAVAIR project to Americanize the equipment, demonstrate and validate several electroplates and anodizing processes, and transition the technology into U.S. Navy Aviation Depots.