NAFEMS CAASE20 Presentations available for download!

One of our objectives is to make our website a resource for organizations and persons interested in applying computational simulation techniques to electrochemical processes, such as corrosion, electroplating, electrochemical machining (ECM) etc.

Consequently we have updated our Resource page with papers and presentations.

With their kind permissions we have just uploaded our NAFEMS CAASE 2020 presentations ( );

  • Corrosion Modeling using Multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics – From Ideal to Real Conditions
  • Numerical Prediction of Electrochemical Machining Processes Using Multiphysics Computational Tools
  • Microscale Modeling of Metal Filled Coating for Corrosion Protection
  • Using Electrochemical Simulation to both Optimize Alloy Electroplating and Predict the Consequent Impact on Product Corrosion Resistance