Corrosion Djinn

Computational Corrosion Analysis Built With Designers & Material Engineers In Mind

What is Corrosion Djinn?

Corrosion Djinn┬« (Djinn) is a SaaS platform for managing electrochemical data and quantifying galvanic corrosion risk in compliance with MIL-STD-889D.

As predictive corrosion risk analysis becomes more prevalent in engineering and design organizations it is imperative that the essential electrochemical materials & coatings data is managed and made available at the point of need.

How does Corrosion Djinn work?

It is widely recognized that the galvanic potential difference between material couples is not really a true indicator of corrosion rate, since the potential difference does not depend on the kinetics. Indeed, MIL-STD-889D states that the maximum corrosion current is identified by the crossing point of the material polarization curves, which is what Djinn does by accessing a database of consistent, accurate, modern polarization curves. All of the polarization data has been acquired by following a measurement protocol developed and published by NAVAIR, the custodians of MIL-STD-889. Consequently, the Djinn Platform can provide a more accurate insight into possible corrosion rate and consequent risk.

The methodology used in this software is based on the mixed potential theory of electrochemistry that was first formulated 70 years ago and has been validated and used by electrochemists ever since. It is based on the principle that the common potential reached by two dissimilar materials in electrical contact, and the galvanic current between them is determined by the crossing points of their polarization curves.


The Corrosion Djinn® software can be accessed and evaluated for free at

Here, you can click on Materials to see what materials (substrates) and coatings are presently in the database.

You can also test the Galvanic Corrosion Analysis process for a few selected materials in the MIL-STD-889D environment, including the new anode to cathode area ratio features.

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