Corrosion Resistant Design

Minimizing Galvanic Corrosion Risk Is At The Heart of What We Do

Our Services


We can help you to make the best corrosion resistant choice of materials and coatings that meet regulatory requirements such as REACH.

Corrdesa’s approach is formulated to maximize performance while minimizing testing and risk, time and cost.

Corrosion Analysis Software

Our easy-to-use award-winning Corrosion Djinn® software tool saves significant costs and time by enabling fast galvanic corrosion risk analysis.

Allowing your organization to design in accordance with many proprietary guidelines and standards such as MIL-STD-889D

Non-drip Plating & Anodizing

Corrdesa is the US distributor for Dalic, the French company that invented the non-drip technology, which uses a closed-loop system to selectively anodize or electroplate, even overhead.

The non-drip technology does not use seals, but instead uses airflow to hold the electrolyte in the plating tool and on the surface.