New Paradigm Galvanic Corrosion Spec MIL-STD-889D to launch in 2021

Briefings presented by NAVAIR at ASETSDefense 2020, MIL-STD-889D Overview by Victor Rodriguez-Santiago, show how the DoD has been changing the primary military specification for galvanic corrosion control, getting rid of galvanic tables and replacing them with the calculated galvanic current between each pair of materials.

The new MIL-STD-889D specification contains “Mileage Charts” showing the calculated galvanic current at the interface between different metals and between different coatings.

Corrdesa’s Corrosion Djinn® already meets MIL-STD-889D to give corrosion rates between any two materials/coatings. Djinn allows you to quickly determine the galvanic current between any two materials, including composites, metal filled primers, and coatings.