Tag: MIL-STD-889D

  • Corrosion Djinn® Version 4.0 – New Release

    Corrdesa has released Corrosion Djinn® Version 4.0 the SaaS platform for managing electrochemical data and quantifying galvanic corrosion risk in compliance with MIL-STD-889D.

  • Upcoming MIL-STD-889D Webinars

    In the upcoming webinars we will present and discuss the challenges in implementing a consistent corrosion analysis capability across enterprises. We will introduce a workflow that incorporates a quick galvanic corrosion calculation using the Corrosion Djinn® software, developed from our DoD work and fully compliant with MIL-STD-889D.

  • New Paradigm Galvanic Corrosion Spec MIL-STD-889D to launch in 2021

    Briefings presented by NAVAIR at ASETSDefense 2020, MIL-STD-889D Overview by Victor Rodriguez-Santiago, show how the DoD has been changing the primary military specification for galvanic corrosion control, getting rid of galvanic tables and replacing them with the calculated galvanic current between each pair of materials.