Corrdesa Delivers Training on F-35, Mobile Non-drip Plating Repair

For years, the solution to repairing aerospace coatings has required a lengthy grounding of aircraft to perform repairs. No one wants to dismantle an in-demand aircraft to repair it for corrosion. Corrdesa has developed a rugged, mobile, electroplating system employing non-drip Dalistick® technology.

Repairs no longer need to be lengthy, messy or a hassle. The Dalistick® technology contains a closed-loop plating system that keeps plating and repair electrolytes contained. Two peristaltic pumps feed electrolytes from a secured bottle, through the plating tool where it repairs the aircraft, and back into the bottle for clean, no-touch disposal when it is depleted. The system utilizes a Dalistick® tool for application of electrolytes – comparable to a large chemically resistant highlighter pen connected to a power source. Using the mobile cart, a technician can roll the system just outside of an aircraft’s shadow and implement a repair using the non-drip tools. Depending on the repair, a technician can preset the voltage and current delivered by the rectifier to ensure that the repair coating meets its targeted thickness.

In 2023 Corrdesa started the on-base training program, concluding with the graduation of 75 technicians.

Corrdesa has completed the first delivery of 50 units and is presently in production with the next 50+ units to equip the growing number of F-35 squadrons around the world.

Corrdesa training: First of 4 on-Base classes (2023) to train technicians in the safe use and operation of the equipment for Cadmium and Zinc-Nickel electroplated repairs.
Image Courtesy Corrdesa LLC, Distribution A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
Corrdesa’s GSE Equipment being prepared to ship to Lockheed Martin.
Image Courtesy Corrdesa LLC, Distribution A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

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