Corrosion Modeling using Multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics – From Ideal to Real Conditions – NAFEMS CAASE20

How can we correctly simulate the evolution of corrosion damage in test systems, including different surface preparations, coatings and test environments?

We implement fully 3D time-dependent Multiphysics CFD simulations on a multi-material structure along with the appropriate boundary conditions (polarization behavior of the materials involved) to predict an accurate variable film thickness distribution and calculate the appropriate galvanic corrosion using the Laplacian potential model.

The ultimate objective of this work is to correlate numerical tests (real conditions) with Accelerated Corrosion Tests (ACT) such as such as ASTM B117 and G85 salt spray as well as a new Cyclic Relative Humidity (CRH) tests being developed by SWRI and NAVAIR. 

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