Using Electrochemical Simulation to both Optimize Alloy Electroplating and Predict the Consequent Impact on Product Corrosion Resistance – NAFEMS CAASE20

For decades the aerospace industry has employed hexavalent chrome-converted cadmium coatings, primarily for sacrificial corrosion protection of high-strength steel components. Since Cd and Cr6+ are both highly toxic, manufacturers are replacing electroplated Cd with ZnNi. Because ZnNi is an alloy it is a significant challenge, as we now have to control, not only the thickness of the electroplated ZnNi, but also its composition across the entire surface of complex components for optimum performance and durability.

Fortunately, the science of electrochemistry can be used both to optimize the plating process and predict its corrosion protective performance. Using examples, this paper presents a workflow within a 3D simulation framework that enables a designer to develop a corrosion risk map of a component/sub-assembly, to optimize both the plating process and the performance of the coated component.


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